Partnership with South Korea

Wednesday 7 October 2020 - 11:20 - FFF
Partenariat FFF Fédération Coréenne

The French Football Federation (FFF) and the South Korean Football Association (KFA) have signed a cooperation agreement until 2024. It will have a particular focus on amateur football, outlined in the Federal Educational Programme (FEP) on the rules of the game and life.

Noël Le Graët, President of the French Football Federation (FFF) and member of the FIFA Council, and Mong Gyu Chung, his counterpart from the Korean Football Association (KFA), signed a partnership agreement between the two federations this summer. This new agreement between the FFF and the KFA will enable the two associations to cooperate in the areas of women's football, technical infrastructure, amateur football, medicine, and sports science.

As far as amateur football is concerned, the KFA will be able to benefit from one of the FFF's major tools: The Federal Educational Programme (FEP). Launched in 2014, the FEP is the flagship of the FFF's action to educate and raise awareness among its young players on the values of living together. Through its dozens of practical information reports on a variety of topics (health, civic commitment, fair play, the environment, etc.), the FEF enables managers and educators to train young players from the ages of 5 to 18 the rules of the game and the rules of life. Thanks to this collaboration, the FFF will, for the first time, promote this tool internationally. It will be translated and transposed into the federal strategy of the South Korean Federation.

The FFF has had a constructive relationship with the KFA for several years. During the 2019-2020 season, several joint actions have already been implemented, particularly in refereeing. The Technical Director of Refereeing (DTA) Pascal Garibian and his deputy Alain Sars travelled to Seoul in December 2019 to speak at the KFA's end-of-season conference in front of 200 South Korean referees and observers. In return, two South Korean international referees participated in the FFF Elite Referees Course in January 2020 at the National Football Centre (CNF) in Clairefontaine (Yvelines).

Signing this new agreement with one of the leading countries


Noël Le Graët (President of the FFF): "We are very satisfied with this partnership which allows us to export and promote our know-how in a country where football is booming. These exchanges are also instructive for French football. This new cooperation is fully in line with our strategy to export and promote French football internationally, whose reputation has grown in recent seasons".

Mong Gyu Chung (President of the KFA): "We are very happy to continue our exchanges with the French Football Federation within the framework of a partnership agreement. This agreement is ideal as it allows both parties to benefit from each other's expertise".


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