The FFF candidate for the organization of the Euro Futsal 2026

Friday 17 November 2023 - 12:15 - REDACTION
Futsal Equipe de France

The French Football Federation is officially a candidate for the organization of the UEFA 2026 Futsal European Championship.

Driven by the Executive Committee of the FFF chaired by Philippe Diallo, this candidacy, whose file was submitted in October to UEFA, is part of the development plan for high-level futsal presented last August.

Supported by the FFF, this bid dossier mobilizes the entire French futsal community, the government, and the city of Paris, and puts forward France's experience and hosting quality for major international sporting events. The candidacy is part of an eco-responsible and sustainable approach since the tournament will take place within a 10-kilometer radius and will build on the legacy of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. It also involves all the dynamism of the UNSS (National School Sport Union) in organizing an event promoting access to practice for people with visual impairments. To host this Euro, the FFF has chosen two arenas where significant investments have been made in the context of the Games: Coubertin (3,600 seats) and Porte de la Chapelle (9,000 seats).

After the creation of several national youth selections, the establishment of a French Futsal Center of Excellence in Lyon, the opening of a second one planned for the start of 2024 and more recently the establishment of a French women's team, organizing the 2026 European Championship would significantly accelerate the development of the sport and promote the emergence of France as a new Futsal stronghold in Europe.

The host country of the competition, whose final phase will bring together the sixteen best European nations divided into four groups and will allow to watch 32 matches, will be appointed by UEFA on December 2, 2023.

Since 2017 and the implementation of a first federal development plan, the recognition and attractiveness of futsal in France have continued to grow. The number of licensees has increased by 14 % compared to last season to exceed the threshold of 38,000, of which 10 % are girls or women, the D1 Futsal has also progressed in terms of structuring.

Finally, the French futsal team, a showcase of the sport, is now close to the Top 10 in the world (12th place). Raphaël Reynaud's Blues are in contention for a first historic qualification in the World Cup.

The timeline for the application for the Euro futsal 2026

  • October 2023 : Final submission of the application file to UEFA
  • December 2, 2023 : Designation of the host country by the UEFA Executive Committee in Hamburg (Germany)
  • January-February 2026 : Final phase of the Euro