The LFA salutes the decision of Noël Le Graët

Tuesday 28 February 2023 - 18:30 - FFF
Vincent Nolorgues

The reaction of the Amateur Football League following the departure of Noël Le Graët, who left his position as President of the FFF on Tuesday February 28th.

Following a period of contemplation, consultation and consideration, and having continued working on resolving the crisis affecting the governance of French football, noted recently in the speech of its President, Vincent Nolorgues (main photo), the Amateur Football League, along with its Leagues, Districts and clubs, has saluted the decision of Noël Le Graët to resign from his presidential role at the FFF.

This difficult personal choice gives an idea of the great sense of responsibility faced by this spearhead of French sport. It opens up the possibility of a smoother exit from the crisis, in addition to the reconstruction of football.

The LFA also wishes to highlight his unrivalled sporting record, the respect and ongoing increase in the resources that he has dedicated to amateur football, and also the modernisation of the federal institution.

The league extends to him warm thanks for having always supported and accompanied projects concerning the development and infrastructure of amateur football.

Vigilant and constructive, the Ligue du Football Amateur will continue to play its full role in reshaping future governance and in safeguarding the best interests of French football.