Stadium accessibility: The FFF continues its commitment

Monday 24 October 2022 - 15:16 - FFF
Accessibilité stades

Over the 22nd and 23rd September, the FFF hosted their first seminar on the European Erasmus+ project, dedicated to improving accessibility to stadiums for supporters with disabilities.

This international event mobilised all the participants in the European project entitled "Good Governance Needs Access and Inclusion", which the FFF joined in 2021, namely: the Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE), the European University of Lisbon, the professional football federations and leagues of Belgium, France (FFF and LFP) and Germany, as well as the national associations of supporters with disabilities in each country, including the French Federation of Disabled Football Supporters (FFSFH).

After having launched a major survey among French, Belgian and German supporters, the workshop, which was held at the Stade de France and in the offices of Paris 2024, made it possible to carry out working sessions in order to discuss the various accessibility difficulties encountered by supporters, and to improve services in the stadiums of each country.

The two day program was rich for the participants, beginning behind the scenes at the Stade de France (photo below) with a presentation of the FFF's ticketing system and AS Saint-Étienne's disability strategy.

The participants then benefited from an appearance by Frédéric Gonant, audio describer of the visual images of French team matches for the visually impaired, before visiting the Dionysian enclosure and attending the France v Austria UEFA Nations League match.

The second day of the workshop took place in the headquarters of Paris 2024 with a presentation of the strategy for welcoming people with disabilities to the forthcoming Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games (JOP). It concluded with a contribution from the General Delegation at the City of Paris JOP.

All the participants had the opportunity to meet up again in Lisbon, Portugal, on Thursday October 13th (main photo) to discuss their respective national strategies and define their action plan for the coming year. Two additional workshops will take place in Belgium and Germany to deepen these exchanges during 2023.