A quality framework

Training as a guarantee

Training as a guarantee

The French method is recognized as one of the most successful in the world. The FFF outlines its philosophy, orientation, and content to offer effective training courses for any manager, from the amateur to the elite level. The FFF is supported by three departments: the National Technical Department (DTN), the Refereeing Technical Department (DTA) and the Football Training Institute (IFF). Each program has been adapted to each of its target audiences: referees, educators, facilitators, coaches, managers, salaried staff, administrators and volunteers. In the regions, monitoring and support are also provided by regional and departmental technical managers.

Key figures

Regional and departmental technical advisers
Training sessions per year
Training participants each year
Training vouchers per year

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Created in 2009, the IFF is the training body of the French Football Federation. It defines and implements a global training project which is divided into three areas: 


1. Professional training of coaches, through 4 professional certificates and a state diploma (information to be found here, link to be updated).


2. General training courses offered in a catalogue renew each year and are intended for men and women, FFF members and non-members, leaders, coaches, full-time staff and volunteers working in clubs, districts and leagues.


3. The “Parcours Fédéral de Formation des Dirigeant(e)s”, comprising a dozen modules specifically designed to meet the needs of club, district and league leaders and offered throughout the country.

Key dates

Key figures

Leaders trained since 2016-2017.
Federal Coaching Diplomas since 2013-2014.
Hours of coach training carried out at the national level (IFF) in 2018-2019.

Les instituts régionaux de formation du football (IR2F)

The IR2F, which replaced the “Centres Interrégionaux de Formation (CIF)” in 2016, are the League training centres. Their main mission is the organization and development of training activities at the regional level, both for coaches, managers and referees. The IFF, as a federal training body, is responsible for coordinating the activities of the “Instituts Régionaux de Formation du Football (IR2F)” at the local level.

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The training catalogue

The FFF and the IFF provide football players with an online platform that lists all the training courses. It outlines the objectives, programme and teaching resources used, as well as the details for registering: organisation, duration, dates and location of the next sessions. 


Go to the dedicated website (in French)

Frequent questions

  • Who are the trainers?

    IFF and IR2F call upon different profiles of trainers depending on the sessions proposed and their specialisation. These trainers can be :

    - Resource persons from the French Football Federation, participating in the design and development of the training courses provided. They can be National Coaches and Technical Advisors of the FFF (technical training) or some of its employees specialized in their field (legal, financial, marketing ... etc).

    - Occasional trainers with recognised special skills in their field

    - Training providers who have responded qualitatively to IFF calls for tender or who have been the subject of a comparative study

  • How do I register for a training course?

    Training for coaches :

    The IFF manages and receives registration for level 6 training (DES, BEFF, BEPF), specialised certificates and level 6 continuing education. You can register directly for the course you are interested in by visiting (here link site). You will find all the necessary information there.


    The Federal Football Certificates (SBB), supplementary modules, vocational and continuing education at levels 4 and 5 (BMF, BEF) are managed directly by the Regional Leagues. You will find the same training outline on their website, and who you may contact directly for further information.

  • What is included in the cost of the training?

    - Training fees: invoiced by the IFF or IR2F, they correspond to the cost of the courses followed by the trainee.

    - Additional costs: these are not included in the price on the registration forms or in the catalogue. It is therefore necessary to add them to the overall training budget. These costs correspond to food, accommodation and travel.